Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society, Delhi {जौनसार बावर जनजातीय कल्याण समिति, दिल्ली }
बस दो बूंद ज़िंदगी की - { डा0 श्याम द्त्त बिजलवान}

All is known that tremendous progress has been made since polio eradication activities were first introduced in 1995. Before the introduction of National Immunization Days (NIDs) in 1995, Over 60,000 children were paralyzed by polio in India and about 500-600 in Delhi each year. Numerous intensive immunization campaigns have been conducted throughout the country, during which millions of children have been immunized and protected from polio.

Kindly, spread the message among colleague and neighbour that all children upto the age of five years (Including newborn baby) should be taken to the nearest polio Booth and be given polio drops irrespective of the previous doses on all pulse polio days and follow up on missed children through house to house immunization teams