Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society, Delhi {जौनसार बावर जनजातीय कल्याण समिति, दिल्ली }
MELATHA - 2008

A Free Health Camp was organized at village Maletha (Pashgaon) in Jaunsar Bawar (Uttarakhand) on 8-9 June, 2008 by JBTWS - Delhi. It was organized in the compounds of Junior High School, established in 1949 and dedicated to late Shri Singa Ram Ji (a recipient of the 'National Award to Teachers') who taught at the school.

Dr. G.C. Bothiyal, Chief Medical Officer - Dehradun, was the Chief Guest at the function. Dr. Chandola, Ex-CMO & Adviser also graced the occasion. Dr. J.S. Negi, CMO - Tehri, attended the closing ceremony on 9th June '08. The camp benefited about 1500 needy patients - children, women and men. About 7 cases of chicken pox were diagnosed and a dozen surgeries performed. Blood, Urine and ECG tests were conducted and quality medicines distributed.

Doctor(s) Kunwar Singh Rawat, Padam Singh Negi, Shyam Dutt Bijalwan, Meenu Rawat, V.S. Tolia, Amar Singh Rai, Keshar Chauhan, Narendra Chauhan, Chandan Rawat, Parmesh Sharma, Surendra Chauhan, Vandana Semwal and Shailendra Chaudhury provided exemplary services at the camp site. Though Dr. SuniJoshi (ONGC - Dehradun) and Dr. Poonam Panwar (Delhi) could not attend the camp, they rendered their whole-hearted support in organizing the camp.

JBTWS members present were Shri Maya Ram Sharma, Ratan Singh, Ramesh Joshi, Kulanand Joshi, Sundeep Chauhan, Vidya Dutt Joshi, Kishan Nautiyal, Dr. Padam S. Negi, Dr. S.D. Bijalwan, Mohar S. Negi, Mangal Chauhan, Teekam Bhandari, Sunil Joshi, Shoorvir Tomar, Sultan Chauhan, Dhoom S. Chauhan, Kunwar Tomar, Ravinder Chauhan, Madan Rai, Attar Tomar (Tarli), Kripal Chauhan, Diwan S. Bisht and Shri Inder S. Chauhan.

The function began at 9.30 AM with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Dr. G.C. Bothiyal. Dr. P.S. Negi and Shri Mohar Singh Negi (both from Maletha and also active members of JBTWS) welcomed the health team and thanked JBTWS for organizing the camp at Maletha. As a token of respect the villagers welcomed the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour, the Chairman and the President of the Society with garlands. Subsequently, Dr. Negi handed over the proceedings of the camp to Shri Vidya Dutt Joshi (Secretary - JBTWS).

Shri Joshi informed the gathering that the decision to hold the camp at Maletha was unanimously taken in the GBM of JBTWS held in New Delhi to benefit the Pashgaon, Bamthad and Athgaon regions of Jaunsar Bawar etc. He then requested Shri Kulanand Joshi (Chairman - JBTWS) and Shri Sundeep Chauhan (President - JBTWS) to welcome the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour respectively with floral bouquet and shawl. Thereafter, he requested Shri Maya Ram Sharma and Shri Ratan Singh to welcome Dr. Meenu Rawat (Dy. CMO) and Dr. Vandana Semwal respectively with floral bouquets. The Executive Body Members welcomed all the Doctors with garlands.

Next, Shri Kulanand Joshi delivered the 'Welcome Address' and paid tribute to the the Great Warrior Nant Ram Negi of Jaunsar Bawar, who hailed from Maletha and the tales of whose valor inspired everyone in the region. Next, he enumerated the activities of the Society and elaborated that it was as per the Society's "Look Back" Policy that a free health camp was organized, last year, at Bulhar (a very remote village of Jaunsar Bawar) and that the present camp at Maletha was a continuation of the same. He mentioned that JBTWS was very fortunate to have such an opportunity and that the Society hoped to organize such camps at least once a year in future as well. He welcomed all the participants and requested the Chief Guest and other dignitaries to join the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony and inaugurate the camp.

Subsequently, the Chief Guest, Dr. Bothiyal addressed the gathering. He praised JBTWS's self-less efforts in organizing free health camps in the region and expressed that the local people would be able to take full benefits of such initiatives. He informed that his office was committed to providing better health services in Jaunsar Bawar and that a Mobile Health Service was soon going to be operational in the region. He stated that his office would continue to support such efforts of the Society in future and lend all possible support to enable such camps to deliver effective health services. The gathering highly applauded the Chief Guest for his kind gesture.

Thereafter, Shri Sundeep Chauhan delivered the 'Thank you Address'. He began by thanking the natives of Maletha, especially Dr. Negi and Shri Mohar Singh Negi who had provided the place, food, lodging and other hospitalities for organizing the camp. He thanked Dr. Bothiyal for gracing the occasion and for providing the valuable support to the camp by deputing the team of specialist doctors, paramedical staff and supplying sufficient medicines. He also thanked him for his efforts in providing better services in the region. Next, he thanked ONGC (Dehradun) for deputing paramedical staff and generously providing test facilities & medicines at the camp site. He also thanked Dr. Bijalwan (member - JBTWS) for providing exceptional support in organizing the health camps at Delhi as well as in Jaunsar Bawar and for arranging the medicines. Finally, he thanked all the doctors, staff and volunteers for their support.

Thanks were also extended to Shri Sardar Chauhan (Patiur) for his generous donation in cash, Shri H.R. Joshi and Shri Kal Singh Bisht for their valuable guidance and support, Shri Ratan Singh, Shri Ramesh Joshi and Shri Kulanand Joshi for arranging medicines. Thanks were extended to Shri Sultan Singh Chauhan (member, EB-08) for outstanding contribution towards design, development and arrangement of publicity material, identity cards and prescription slips etc., and to Shri Pradeep Chauhan for assisting in procurement of souvenirs. Finally, thanks were extended to all the members of the Executive Body for their overwhelming support and exemplary services in organizing the camp.

Next, Shri Teekam Singh Bhandari (Joint Secretary - JBTWS) explained the layout and mode of operation of the health camp. With his announcement the registration of patients began. The two day camp was highly successful. Dr. J.S. Negi graced the closing ceremony and gave away certificates, souvenirs and Society's telephone directories to the medical team on behalf of JBTWS - Delhi.