Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society, Delhi {जौनसार बावर जनजातीय कल्याण समिति, दिल्ली }
KUWANOO - 2011

Implementing the decision of GBM, Executive body of JBTW Society organized a free medical health Camp at village Kuwanu, Khat Pashgaon, Tehsil Chakrota in the tribal region Jaunsar Bawar of Uttarakhand on 28-29 May, 2011. The camp was organized in the compounds of Government Inter Collage, Kuwanu.

The Team of Doctor(s) Kunwar Singh Rawat, Padam Singh Negi, Shyam Dutt Bijalwan, Dayal Saran( Deputy CMO), B.D. Nautiyal, Amar Singh Rai, Narendra Singh Tomar, Keshar Chauhan, Narendra Chauhan, Chandan Rawat, Parmesh Sharma, Shailendra Chaudhury, Kavita Chaudhary, Sujata Singh, Namita Pant, Mahendra Singh Rai, Ravindra Chauhan, Yashpal Tomar, Ganesh Singh, C.P. Tiwari and Manju Chand and the team of pharmacists/ other paramedical staff Sh. Jaipal Singh Rana, G.R. Sharma, Jaipal Singh Rai, Smt Meenakshi Panwar, Sh. Sanjay Dhasman, Shamsher Singh Chauhan, and R.N. Mal provided exemplary services at the camp site. Though Dr. P.S. Tomar(Delhi), Dr. Bharat Singh(Delhi), Dr Meenu Rawat ( Dehra Dun), Dr. Poonam Panwar (Delhi), Dr. Pawan Rawat(Delhi) and Dr. Somendra could not attend the camp due to some unavoidable circumstances, Dr Meenu and Dr. Poonam rendered their whole-hearted support in organizing the camp.

JBTWS Members Shri Sukh Ram joshi , Ratan Singh, Sardar Singh Chauhan, Rajendra Singh Tomar, Rajpal Singh Rawat, Matbar Singh Chauhan, Chaman Singh Rawat, Smt. Sunita Joshi, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Sultan Singh Chauhan, Jawhar Singh Rai,Vidya Dutt Joshi, Surat Singh Rana, Udhvir Singh Chauhan, Sunil Dutt Joshi, Mangal Singh Chauhan, Narendra Singh Chauhan, Yashpal Rana, Ishwar Singh Chauhan, Keshra Singh Chauhan, Harman Chauhan, Diwan Singh Bisht, Radhey Shyam, Shoorvir Singh Tomar and Shamsher Singh were present at camp site for the smooth organisation of the camp. The team of the JBTWS members, Doctors and Para-medical staff were reached at Kuwanu on May 27th, 2011. Organisers, Doctors and Para-medical staff were welcomed by the villagers of village Kuwanu (Manjhgaon) with garlands and Sabad (Way of welcome in Jaunsari Culture) by Dhol, Damaana and Ranshiga.

On May 28th, 2011, Dr. R.K.Pant, Chief Medical Officer, Dehra Dun, who was the Chief Guest of inaugural function, arrived at camp site at 8.30 AM sharp. The function began at 9.00 AM with welcome speech of Dr. B.R. Joshi of village Kuwanu on behalf of villagers. He welcomed the health team and thanked JBTWS for organizing the camp at Kuwanu and then handed over the proceedings of the camp to Shri Matbar Singh Chauhan, Secretary JBTWS.

Sh. S.R. Joshi, Chairman JBTWS welcome the Chief Guest with floral bouquets and presented a token of respect in the form shawl, followed by Sh. R.S. Tomar, President JBTWS, presented the memento of the society to Chief Guest. Secretary, JBTWS, requested the Chief Guest to inaugurate the health camp by lighting the lamp, he also requested the Chairman, Presidents and other dignitaries to join the lamp lighting ceremony for the inauguration of camp. Just after this, the Welcome cum introduction session was started. In this session members of JBTWS who were present at camp site welcomed the doctors and paramedical staff with garlands.

Next, Sh. Joshi, Chairman of the society delivered the welcome address and thanked GBM of JBTWS for considering his request as a resident of village Kuwanu for organising the free medical health camp at his village. He welcomed each and every one who were present at camp site and requested for their co-operation in smooth organisation of this camp. He appreciated the warm welcome paid by the villager at the arrival of medical health team and the arrangement made by them.

Subsequently, Sh. Rajendra Singh Tomar, President JBTWS, presented the report of earlier free medical camps organised by the society and briefly explained the benefit of camp such camps in this tribal region. He told that organising the free medical camp in Jaunsar Bawar area is our duty, we must be concerned about the health of our people who were behind our success in our career, its the efforts of the elders by which we could occupy the prestigious place in Delhi. He appreciated the chairman of society Sh. S.R. Joshi for his keen interest in the activities of the society and the effort made by him for the arrangement of medicines etc. He also quoted the name of other member society Sh. Rattan Rawat, Sh. S.S.Chauhan, Dr. Bijalwan , Dr. P.S.Negi and Sh. Narendra Chauhan who came forward themselves for the arrangements of medicine etc. At this moment, he told that Sh. Vikram Singh Chauhan and Sh. Vijay Datwaliya who belongs to Himachal Pradesh donated Rs. 5000/ each for this camp. At the end, Sh. Tomar informed the gathering that the next target of the society is the construction of JAUNSAR BAWAR Bhawan at Delhi. He told that construction of Bhawan will not only benefit Jaunsari people but also all people from Uttrakhand. He also explained the aim of this Bhawan in Delhi. He requested the people to give their cooperation to society for the construction of JAUNSAR BAWAR Bhawan at Delhi and donate generously for this cause. The gathering highly applauded the views of the President.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Pant addressed the gathering. He praised JBTWS's self-less efforts in organizing free health camps in the region and expressed that the local people would be able to take full benefits of such initiatives. He informed that his office was committed to providing better health services in Jaunsar Bawar. He stated that his office would continue to support such efforts of the Society in future and lend all possible support to enable such camps to deliver effective health services. He also accepted the Patron of Society for Free Medical Health Camps. The gathering highly applauded the Chief Guest for his kind gesture.

Just after the address of chief guest, President of the society thanks the chief guest and villagers of kuwanu and then briefly explained the plan to starts the camp. He requested the registration team to start their work and announce the room numbers allotted to the doctors. With his announcement the registration of patients began.

The two days Health Camp at Kuwanu was highly successful as it benefited nearly 3000 needy patients of the Khat Pashgaon, Khat Bharam, Khat Athgaon, Khat Bamtad and near by villages of Distt. Sirmour (HP). Among patients 60% were women and 40% were men. It has been observed that most of the people were found anaemic, Hb were ranges 7-9. During camp three emergency patients were attended by the doctors. Besides, free medical check-ups by the specialist doctors and distribution of free medicines the facilities of free Ultrasound, X- rays, ECG, Blood test and other pathological tests were also provided to the patients at camp site. At the end, Ultrasound X-rays and ECG were collected from the record of the Mobile van called for this purpose and found that 287 patients under gone through these test on the prescription of doctors. Besides this, 200 spectacles were provided to the patients having high/low vision problem. Further, 4-5 minor eye surgeries were also conducted at the camp site. The medical board was set up by CMO Dehra Dun to issue the Handicaps certificate but only two certificates could issued, 10 people were called at Dehra Dun as they were not having their photographsand other required documents. Deputy CMO, Dr. Dayal Saran assured society that these people will get certificates within a week. Dr. Narendra Singh Chauhan informed that he has identified 10-12 case who need surgery he has called all there patients at Govt. Hospital Vikas Nagar. It has also been observed that the most of the females are anaemic and suffering from acute gynea problems. Dr. Sujata Singh, Gynecologist from Mahila Chikitsalya, Dehra Dun, told us that those female patients need further treatment has been called at Dehra Dun and assured us that she will take personnel interest in these cases.

A nice arrangement of food and stay for Doctors and volunteers at was made by Sh. S.R. Joshi, Chairman of the society. The Villagers of the Kuwanu was very cooperative in all respects. On the evening of May 28th, 2011, Members of the society and people of village Kuwanu performed the combined local cultural activity. The members of JBTWS was appreciated by villagers regarding their behaviours, working and interest in the social work and cultural activity. It is worthy to mention here, Sh. Mohan Singh Rana (Kandi), Sh. Rajendra Singh Tomar (Chandou) who were not member of the society offered their services as volunteer in this camp. Besides this, Sh. Anil Panwa (Kanbua) and Sh. Roop Ram Negi (Piyani) who are the teachers at G.I.C. Kuwanu along with their students helped us during the camp. The organising team of the society was cooperated and supported by the villagers of the nearby villages Mailot Kuwanu, Kota kuwanu, Ghamri etc also.

The closing ceremony which took place on May 29th, 2011 at 3.00 P.M, all the Doctors and Para-medical staff were presented mementoes and certificates of participation. The Teachers and students of GIC, Kuwanu and local medical staff who helped in organizing the camp were also given certificates by the Society. At the end Chairman of the society Sh. S.R.Joshi delivered the "Thank You Address" He thanked Dr. Pant for gracing the occasion and for providing the valuable support to the camp by deputing the team of specialist doctors, paramedical staff and supplying sufficient medicines. He also thanked him for his efforts in providing better services in the region. He thanked all doctors and paramedical staff who extended their services in the camp, he told "without their proper services, camp would have not been organised". Next, he thanked ONGC (Dehradun) for providing the enough medicines. He also thanked Sh. Rawat, Dr. Bijalwan, Dr Negi, Sh. Sardar Singh Chauhan and Sh. R.S.Tomar for providing exceptional support in organizing the health camp and for arranging the medicines and Spectacles etc. Thanks were also extended to Sh. Narendra Singh Chauhan for the arrangement of publicity material. Finally, thanks were extended to all the members of the Executive Body, Members of the society who were present in the camp, Pradhan Gram Subha Kuwanu and all the villagers of village Kuwanu for their overwhelming support and exemplary services in organizing the camp.