Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society, Delhi {जौनसार बावर जनजातीय कल्याण समिति, दिल्ली }
The 'Aims & Objects' of the Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society, Delhi are
To undertake welfare activities for promoting the cause of its members.
To increase Socio-cultural interaction among its members and satisfy their needs, which arise out of their unique cultural background.
To come forward to the rescue of those persons of the area who face harassment and exploitation.
To undertake programmes for spreading useful knowledge and awareness in Jaunsar Bawar situated in North-Western part of District Dehradun of Uttarakhand State, which lags far behind other areas in this respect. Simultaneously to make efforts towards earning a rightful place at the national level for highly rich but little known cultural of Jaunsar Bawar.
To help in the process of the delivery of financial aids/grants given by the State/Central Government or NGO’s so that the benefits actually reach the needy persons.
To make efforts to highlight and to overcome the socio-economic problems of Jaunsar Bawar by taking help from various forums available for that purpose.
To make efforts to bring out the sports talents from Jaunsar Bawar at national level under various schemes of GOI such as "special area games" scheme.
To receive grants and aids or any other assistance from the GOI, NGO’s etc in order to fulfill the aims and objects of the society.
To build a "JAUNSAR BAWAR BHAWAN" in Delhi or its surrounding areas so that people coming from outstation for a short duration can stay there at a nominal charges and also meetings, gatherings and other activities can be organized whenever required.